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Productive Two Weeks

The last couple of weeks have been very productive in Clark’s Cemetery thanks to Rob Surabian, of Gravesite Preservation.  He has been leveling bases, and that allows us to follow behind him and erect headstones.  Sunday the Cemetery Restoration Partnership … Continue reading

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Northeaster Dory Modified for Camping

Chesapeake Light Craft has provided details for modifying their Northeaster Dory for camping. For details on this project use this link: Modifying a Dory

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A Day Messing About With Boats

Today I got to spend sometime at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum. There were two friendship sloops in the creek. Venture homeport of Beverly and Maria homeport of Essex. The boats are the kind that make people dream of sailing. ” … Continue reading

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Good Times

If it were not for the pictures I’m not sure I would remember the party.  Terry Fuqua brought cherries that were soaked in Everclear.   Fruit and grain alcohol are always a good gift idea.  

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Bombona Heater

Our house in Spain did not have a heater, except for our bedroom.  We bought a butane heater called a bombona heater.  With the arctic temps we had here in Bella Vista.  I converted it to propane to supplement the … Continue reading

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Puppy Sitting

Well the gang is out for shopping and lunch.  The only sound in the house is a clock ticking off the seconds.  I stayed behind to make sure these two did not get in trouble.   Time for me to … Continue reading

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Milk & Oreo Cookies

Have you ever wondered why Oreo Cookies go so good with Milk?  On a trip to Maine a few years ago we discovered why. Yup, Oreo Cows Just saying…

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